Charging the future of electric vehicles

With market leading power output, our goal is to provide long lasting charging solutions which will meet the future needs of electric vehicles.

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The challenge

Existing and future electric vehicles introduce a wide range of new challenges on the electrical grid and other infrastructure. To prepare for the change, it is important that we anticipate, assess and provide effective solutions for these challenges.

Time efficiency

As always, time is of the essence. Fast charging is a must to facilitate customers’ busy schedules and to maximize distribution.

Supply shortage

As of today, E.V. charging stations are limited. To meet future demand, an expansion of available charging locations is essential.

Upcoming heavy vehicles

Soon, trucks and buses will run electric which will require significant improvements in charging power and output.

Inadequate grids

Our power grids in Europe are not strong enough to deliver the effects we will need related to today's locations and networks. We believe some changes for our logistical centres, our road shops and restaurants as well as the remaining gas and petrol will need to be moved. Else we will not manage to shift in time!

The solution

Our focus is to plan and provide future charging infrastructure within the Nordics and Northern Europe. Our sharing platforms will be pinpointed at sites with suitable grid capabilities as well as expected future demand.

Fast charging

The fast chargers will be compatible with every electric vehicle with a DC fast-charge option, including CCS and CHAdeMO. With maximum power beyond 400/500kW, we aim to supply long lasting solutions which will meet the future needs of E.V.


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