About Us

Nima Energy is a charge point operator (CPO) and eMobility service provider (EMSP) with the objective to establish an ultra fast charging network in the Nordics and beyond.

Our vision is to contribute to the transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet by providing charging infrastructure suitable to cater the needs for the future of electric vehicles. Nima Energy aims to be a leading charge point operator in the Nordics and northern Europe with main focus on public ultra-fast charging for passenger cars and heavy vehicles.

Our charging stations are strategically located along main traffic flows next to highways as well as in urban and sub-urban locations. We believe that charging should be fast, easy and reliable and we therefore establish sizable charging stations with multiple high power chargers and we place great emphasis on ease of use and a hassle-free charging experience.

Driving an electric vehicle today is not as convenient as driving a fossil fuel – we are on a mission to change that.

Marcus Landelin
Marcus LandelinCEO
Founder of Nima Energy AB

Our history


Nima Energy was founded by Marcus, Niklas, Peter and Linus upon the belief that ultra fast charging infrastructure will be the key enabler for the electric vehicle revolution.


Nima Energy partners with the Nordic infrastructure fund manager Niam Infra. As part of the partnership Niam Infra enters as 15% owner in Nima Energy and an ambition to fund up to 50 MEUR of Nima Energy’s roll out plan.


Nima Energy enters the Norwegian market – the leading electric vehicle market in the world.


Nima Energy is starting the construction of its first four charging sites, with a total of 34 charging points, spread across the three locations of Munkedal, Skillingaryd, Kristianstad Vä and Tindered. The first three in Munkedal, Skillingaryd and Kristianstad Vä will open in December. Construction of the first two sites in central Stockholm on Wennerbergsgatan and Dag Hammarskjölds Väg begins just before the end of the year.


Nima Energy is expanding its operations to the Finnish market – and thus has operations in three of the Nordic countries.


In March 2023, Nima opens its first city charging sites, on Dag Hammarskjölds Väg and on Wennerbergsgatan, each with 8 and 4 charging points of 300 kW.


Nima is on a strong growth journey with the goal of establishing up to 1250 ultra-fast charging points in the Nordics and beyond by the end of 2026. The team is growing, our sites are continuously being rolled out and we are constantly expanding into new locations and geographic markets.

Construction is underway in Åmål and Malmö, among other places, and during the spring, our site in Vä in Kristianstad will be expanded with an additional 20 charging points. And this summer, Nima will open 3 more sites in Stockholm – on Valhallavägen, Gustavslundsvägen and Ringvägen. Nima’s total of 50 new charging points in Stockholm’s inner city make a significant contribution to the electrification of Stockholm.