Nima’s investment in 150 new ultra-fast EV charging points is part of the company’s plan to build a total of 1,250 charging points in the Nordics by the end of 2026.

Nima Energy (“Nima”) will soon open its first EV charging stations. In total, the company is now building 150 ultra-fast EV charging points from Malmö to Stockholm. With its investment in Sweden’s fastest EV charging network, with the ability to charge 300 km in 15 minutes, Nima is making life easier for Sweden’s EV owners.

The investment in 150 new ultra-fast EV charging points is part of Nima’s plan to build a total of 1250 EV charging points in the Nordic region by the end of 2026. The EV charging points will be built along roads with a need for ultra-fast EV charging, as well as in and around cities. Ultra-fast EV charging in the centre of cities is a unique concept driven by increased demand from EV owners without access to overnight charging, but also the electrification of commercial transport such as taxis.

In Stockholm alone, Nima is currently building 50 ultra-fast EV charging points at five central locations. First up is a station on Dag Hammarskjölds Väg in Diplomatstaden with 8 charging points with up to 300 kW and a station on Wennerbergsgatan with 4 charging points of up to 300 kW, both planned to open at the beginning of next year. During the summer of next year, Nima plans to open 3 more stations in Stockholm – on Vallhallavägen, Gustavlundsvägen and Ringvägen. Thanks to Nima’s new EV charging points in Stockholm’s inner city, the number of ultra-fast EV charging points in the capital will almost triple – an important addition to enable the electrification of Stockholm, and the city’s goal of making parts of the inner-city fossil-free by the end of 2024.

Karta_ENGMap of EV charging stations that Nima plans to build in Stockholm.

“The electrification of the vehicle fleet is progressing rapidly, but the expansion of modern EV charging infrastructure is faltering. In Sweden alone, the number of electric vehicles is expected to increase from today’s approximately 266,000 to around 2.4 million by 2030. This requires the expansion of modern EV charging infrastructure both along the roads and in the cities. Thanks to our new stations with ultra-fast EV charging around Sweden, we will soon be able to offer everyone who drives an EV fast, easy and reliable charging,” says Marcus Landelin, CEO of Nima.

By only offering ultra-fast EV chargers, Nima has a unique position, unlike other players who often offer slow, normal and fast charging as a complement to ultra-fast charging. All 150 EV charging points that Nima is now building have a capacity per charging point of up to 300 and 400 kW – which makes it possible to charge up to 300 km in 15 minutes, provided that the car can handle it. In addition to fast, it is also easy to charge at Nima as you can pay by card via a card reader on the charger.

In addition to the investment in Stockholm, at the end of the year Nima will also open EV charging stations for ultra-fast charging at the new shopping area in Vä outside Kristianstad along the E22, at Håbymotet outside Munkedal along the E6 and in Skillingaryd along the E4 – all stations only have ultra-fast EV chargers with a capacity per charging point of up to 400 kW.

“Nima has an ambitious goal of building 1250 EV charging points in the Nordic region by the end of 2026, with Sweden as the first market. By the end of the year, we will open our first five stations with a total of 36 EV charging points in Stockholm, Kristianstad Vä, Skillingaryd and Munkedal. In addition, we have taken investment decisions for an additional 114 charging points that are planned to open in mid-2024,” says Marcus Landelin.

About Nima Energy

Nima develops, builds and operates stations for ultra-fast EV charging of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Nima was founded in 2020 and is based in Malmö, Sweden. The company is owned by its founders together with Niam via its infrastructure fund Niam Infra Fund, which in May 2022 was announced as a minority shareholder in Nima and a financier for the company’s future scale-up and charging station roll-out plan. Nima’s goal is to become one of the leading EV Charge Point Operators for ultra-fast charging in the Nordic region, and by extension Northern Europe.
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Clarification: The total capacity per charge point varies based on the occupancy of the charging station and charger when load balancing is applied.

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