Nima Energy (“Nima”) wants to make fast EV-charging at public charging sites easier and more affordable. Therefore, the company offers the country’s owners of EV vehicles the opportunity to charge up to 300 km in 15 minutes for SEK 4.50 per kWh. The price is the same regardless of whether you tap your debit card, tap Apple/Samsung/Google Pay, pay via Nima’s app or use AutoCharge.

Driving an electric vehicle should be easy and affordable, but for those who want to charge fast at a public site, this is not always the case. On the contrary, there can be a long way between the really fast chargers, while the price of public fast charging can even be higher than for refueling a fossil fueled vehicle.

“We want to be a counterpoint to today’s high prices for fast EV charging by offering ultra-fast and convenient charging at a price that we believe makes it easier and more affordable to drive an electric vehicle – SEK 4.50 per kWh. Public fast charging at a good price is especially important for EV owners without access to night-time charging and commercial transport such as taxis,” says Marcus Landelin, CEO of Nima Energy.

The math in the following example is simple: A motorist is directed to public fast charging and drives 15.000 km per year. With the price of SEK 8 per kWh and a car that consumes 2 kWh per 10 km, the annual cost of charging is SEK 24,000. If the same motorist chooses to charge for SEK 4.50 per kWh at one of Nima’s ultra-fast sites, the price for the same number of miles and the same car will be SEK 13,500 per year, which means a saving of SEK 10,500. This despite the fact, that Nima always offers ultra-fast chargers with an ability to charge up to 300 km in 15 minutes.

– If we as a country are to succeed in converting Sweden’s vehicle fleet from fossil fuels to renewable electricity, we must be able to offer a modern and well-developed charging infrastructure that offers fast, simple and affordable charging at strategic locations, says Marcus Landelin.

All Nima’s charging points have a capacity of up to 300 or 400 kW, which makes it possible to charge up to 300 km in 15 minutes, provided that the car can handle it.

In addition to being fast, charging at Nima is also easy. You can always tap your debit card directly on a card reader on the charger, tap Apple/Samsung/Google Pay, pay via Nima’s app or use AutoCharge. Regardless of which of these payment methods you choose, Nima’s price is SEK 4.50 per kWh for the time being.

Nima is now building 150 ultra-fast charging points from Malmö to Stockholm. The investment is part of Nima’s plan to build a total of 1250 charging points in the Nordic region by the end of 2026.

The first charging sites will open in Skillingaryd on December 11, Munkedal on December 12 and in Vä outside Kristianstad on December 14.

Nima intends to maintain a competitive price over time, which will be adjusted based on major changes in our costs, such as how the electricity price develops.

The total capacity per charge point varies based on the occupancy of the charging station and charger when load balancing is applied.

About Nima Energy

Nima develops, builds and operates stations for ultra-fast EV charging of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Nima was founded in 2020 and is based in Malmö, Sweden. The company is owned by its founders together with Niam via its infrastructure fund Niam Infra Fund, which in May 2022 was announced as a minority shareholder in Nima and a financier for the company’s future scale-up and charging station roll-out plan. Nima’s goal is to become one of the leading EV Charge Point Operators for ultra-fast charging in the Nordic region, and by extension Northern Europe.

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